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Welcome and thanks for visiting the Double-Hand Poker section at The Palace; where all the action is non-stop in the friendliest gaming atmosphere. We play Double-Hand Poker 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Double-Hand Poker is played with a standard 52 card deck and a Joker. The Joker can be used as an Ace or to complete a straight, a flush, or a straight flush.

The object of this game is to beat both the top and bottom of the Player/Dealer’s hands. If you win one hand and lose the other hand, then it is a push. The Player/Dealer wins all identical or copy hands.

Here are some basic guidelines on how to play Double-Hand Poker:

The game is dealt by a House Dealer on a poker table that has 7 seated positions.
The House Dealer deals out 7 hands each round of play and each hand contains 7 cards; all dealt face down.
The Player/Dealer will select one of the 7 hands and will shake the dice cup.
The dice cup numbers will determine which player will receive the first hand and also that is where the payoffs begin.
The Player/Dealer position is always 1/8/15. All hands are delivered clockwise starting from the Player/Dealer position.
Each player is to arrange their 7 cards into 2 hands. One is the top 2-card hand and the other is the 5-card bottom hand.
The top 2-card hand must be lower ranking than the bottom 5-card hand.
The game uses the same hand rankings as the standard poker game.
Players may have the option to set their hands or play House Way. (Our House Way is posted on the wall.)
You can only win or lose the amount of what you bet or bank.
You can play the game or bank the game against other players. (Each player has the option to be the Player/Dealer twice per round.)

For more details on how to play this game please call (510) 582-1166 and ask for the Double-Hand Poker sections. Our friendly Floorman will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding the game.


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